Saturday, December 26, 2015

Lush Happy 4 Sad Shower Gel Review

-Lush Happy 4 Sad Shower Gel Review-

Happy 4 Sad was originally designed to be uplifting during the darker times of the year, and, since I'm from the UK, it was a definite must have when I saw it in the kitchen back in April (yes - its been with me that long, what can I say, I'm a hoarder!). When you first pick up a bottle of Happy 4 Sad there is one major thing you notice - it's so darn runny. This is by far one of the most runny, watery shower gels that Lush makes, the top ingredient is a Dove Orchid Infusion followed by water and a little further down the list it makes its way to aloe vera - all of which are not the most gloopy of ingredients.

When you trickle it out of the bottle into your hand (yes it trickles, no it doesn't splooge) you are met with a light purple gel and the most gorgeous smell. In fact the scent of Happy 4 Sad is by far one of my favourite smells that Lush make - it's zesty and fresh, with a mix of grapefruit and mandarin oil it leans more towards the orangey scent line. The nice thing about this gel is that it is also undercut with a soft floral twinge, something very delicate that cuts through the harsh acidy smell that citrus can sometimes have and leaves you with a perfectly blended mix. 

Does it really make you happy is you have S.A.D? Well the smell certainly lifts my spirits, it doesn't feel like it weighs you down and lasts a few hours on the skin, giving you that citrusy lift when you really need it.

Here's the full list of ingredients for those of you who like to be nosey (like me!):

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