Thursday, December 24, 2015

Lush Butterball Shower Gel Review

 -Lush Butterball Shower Gel Review-

Hello! Its been a while hasn't it? Today I thought I'd brush the dust off of my blog and bring you a review of the most coveted, most loved, most amazing smelling Butterball shower gel from Lush Cosmetics. Butterball was recently bought into the kitchen and, being in the same family of products as Butterball Bathbomb and Butterbear bathbomb, I just had to get my hands on it.

When you first twist the top off of Butterball you have a very definite waft of cocoa butter meeting your nostrils, the sweet chocolatey creamy fragrance that you'll be very familiar with if you've ever used a cocoa butter enriched product. The part I was really amazed by was that the smell was so perfectly cocoa butter, it wasn't chocolate, it was rich, sensational, unrefined cocoa butter. Now I say this as a user of raw cocoa butter, I make lotions, chocolates and hair masks, I'm very used to the smell of pure cocoa butter and I love it, so this was a perfect surprise for me. Although the top of the ingredients reveals it's set in a ylang ylang infusion I can't detect a floral note, maybe a hint of sweetness but nothing on the level of something like Rose Jam or Happy 4 Sad.

When you finally jump into your bottles and begin to lather it up you're met with an extremely thick gel, so thick that it's almost like a lotion. I must add at this point that a little goes a long way, it lathers really well (although I think my local water could lather a stone, I guess I'm just lucky!). The smell lasts on the skin for quite a while, just a soft powdery cocoa butter touch and nothing so overpowering that you couldn't wear another scent over it.

As for the ingredients:

The list is pretty simple, lots of cocoa butter and coconut oil along with a a lashing of shea butter make this a moisturising treat for sorry winter skin.

Overall this an amazing shower gel, the smell is a little bit of perfection and the feeling of your skin after use is just divine! What do you think to butterball?



(See you again soon ;) )

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