Saturday, February 07, 2015

Lush Mother's Day Releases 2015

It only seems like two minutes since the Lush valentines set was released (and I'm sure it will be only another two until the Easter lot land) but this little Mother's day selection is not to be missed! If you had to pick an overall scent for the whole lot it would be toffee and rose with hints of wood, blossom and jasmine. Awesome.

Bubblegrub | Bubble Bar

Their permanently shocked little bubbleroons are the cutest little things, with vanilla ears and chocolate button eyes staring out at you I would almost feel bad crumbling one into the tub. They have a woody scent with a sweet vanilla after note, a mix of sandalwood and vetiver these are definitely the cutest of the releases.

Mother Superior | Bubblebar

Each with their own squid face, Mother Superior, steals Sakura's scent and puts it into a chunky bubblebar form. these guys are a lot bigger than I thought they would be, a generous palm size with plenty of uses to come form them. The smells is wonderfully soft and light, with a fresh zesty tone in the background, perfect for a lively tub time. 

Rose | Bubble Bar

This years mother's day realises are all about the bubbles, Rose is very self explanatory, it's not a newcomer but is certainly worth its returning spot. The rose scent is pure and unadulterated, its tiny shape is cute and the perfect amount for one bath. If you like those then do not avoid this one.

Rose Bombshell | Bath Bomb

Carrying on with the rose theme we have the rose bombshell, it has a tangier rose scent than the rose bubblebar but smells beautiful all the same. Inside there are layers of rose petals that call for a glass of wine and a luxurious hour long soak.

Secret Garden | Bathbomb

This is another returner, with an overall rosey scent you'll find yourself bathing in a garden of petals and a deep green water. The bomb itself takes a little while to burn out, shedding layers of pink, green and yellow and finally shooting out petals of all colours. Perfect for floral lovers and pairs well with grass or rose jam.

Love You Mum | Soap

This has to be one of my favourite smelling soaps ever. It's wonderfully scented with jasmine and bergamot, with a creamy after note. It is so so so soft and when you first pick it up in the store it can quite easily slip out of your hands! If you like jasmine, and you love softening soap, pop this one in your basket!

Yummy Mummy | Body Conditioner

I have died and gone to heaven. Yummy Mummy smells like yognog and it's raining men had a love child that likes to run around in flowery fields. It's sweet and toffee like with a late floral lightly strawberry note. It soaks in amazingly well and nourishes the skin like an absolute dream. Why do the best things have to be limited?!

Yummy Mummy | Shower Gel

Yummy Mummy shower gel shares the same scent as the body condoner, meaning that layering one scent never got easier. The shower gels has a whole host of silver lustre, but not too much, you'll find a couple of bits clinging on for dear life after a bath, but it's not going to make you go all Edward Cullen. If this sexy twosome doesn't come back next year I'm going to drive over to lush HQ myself!

Now for the sad news, there was one final product, one little beauty i was so excited about, but unfortunately Lush Regent Street hadn't had their shipment. So we're missing out ultraviolet this time, but do check back soon as I'll be clawing at their doors to get it!



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