Thursday, January 08, 2015

Winter Skin Essentials | Dry Skin Saviours

Since it's now the middle of winter, brrr, I thought I would share my most essential winter skincare. I have combination skin, but as soon as it hits the colder months and the heating comes on my skin gets drier than... well... something really dry.

Celestial by Lush is a complete and utter lifesaver. My skin can be quite delicate and sensitive if I'm in a heat controlled environment (hear sitting by the heater at work for too long) and it constantly needs to be loved. Celestial works as a light barrier cream, separating my skin from the environment around it, if it feels a little bit red and raw, this is a treat that it loves. It's light and milky, soaks in dreamily and really does nourish to the core. Try this one out if you have sensitive, over dramatic skin, like me.

When my skin hits a complete low point, when it's as dry as British humour, I need something a little bit extra. Two of my saviours at that point are Dr Hauschka's Rose Day Cream and Pond's Cold Cream. Hauschka's is a thick ointment style cream, made up of lots of oils with a very light rose scent. It moisturises beautifully and could liven up the most drab complexion. Pond's works a little bit differently, it's used as a barrier cream and a cleanser, when my dry skin gets super duper it's flake central up in here dry I pop on a layer of oil and slick this on the top over night. By the morning it's like I've grown a new face and have baby skin, an amazing trick for those in need.

For my body and hair I swear by Jojoba oil, it's a one ingredient product that always gets the best results. This oil closely resembles the bodies natural sebum (that's grease to you and me) so it can help your body regulate it's levels and hydrate areas that need it and tone down product in over oily areas.

This last one is a new one in my books and I did a little review of this further down the blog. Origins makes the most lovely body oil, it's hydrating and light which is a lovely combination so you don't feel bogged down all day, it goes on smoothly and smells like a dream.

What are you winter skin essentials?