Monday, January 12, 2015

What's the secret to Lush's Love Locket?

Lush Love Locket
Lush locket is back for Valentines Day 2015, for anyone that has tried this before you will know that there is a tiny little secret hidden away inside, for those of you that haven't here's how you can make the most out of your Love Locket!

Inside The Love Locket
The way I open this up into three pieces is pretty easy, taking a butter knife (the kind you eat your dinner with) gently saw vertically down the middle, forming a deep groove. Once the groove is around 5mm deep it's pretty easy to split it in two by hand, leaving you with two hefty chunks of locket and the cutest mini heart on the inside.

The tiny Love Locket surprise!

The outer chunks are about double the size of the inner mini heart, but each can be used for separate baths, meaning three baths in one! Sweet deal there.

So what does it do in the water?

The Love Locket in action!

When you first drop it into the water it goes ballistic (teehee) and fizzes away extremely fast, it begins to plume out scent, not so much jasmine as just a sweet floral gentle smell, that's very romantic.

The aftermath!

Once the fizzing stops you are left with layers of heart confetti in numerous shades of pink and a whole host of lustre swimming in the water. Thankfully there's not enough lustre to make you look like you've been frosted, there's just enough to make for an extremely girly bath time experience.

Have you tried out Love Locket yet?

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