Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Top 3 On The Go Healthy Snacks | Detox Your Life

We all get those snacking urges but it's always hard to know where to turn when that little snacky monster rears his face, so I thought I would put together my favourite three healthy 'on the go' snacks. Each of them is perfect to pop into your handbag and have on the go, let me know which is your favourite!

Number One | Proper Corn

Proper Corn is a delicious set of perfectly made popcorn snack bags in a variety of flavours that suit both the sweet and salty snacky monster's taste buds. My personal favourite is Sour Cream & Chive but the company is now running six flavours strong with Sweet & Salty, Sweet Ginger & Orange, Sour Cream & Chive, Lightly Sea Salted, Sweet Coconut & Vanilla and Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sundried Tomato.

So what's the best bit about Propercorn?

Each grab bag is pretty darn low calorie, the highest calorie count on the list is 129, which really isn't bad at all. Apart from that, the taste is fantastic, the flavours are so well balanced and fulfilling that you don't need a second snack to satisfy the snacky monster. They're also Gluten and wheat free and are suitable for veggies!

Number Two | Oloves


Loves are juicy little snack pack bags of olives, so small they could fit in your pocket and so tasty that you could eat four of them in one go. This is a different kind of snack, olives are nutritionally dense, full of hunger busting fats and really do help fill that afternoon gap.

So what's the best bit about Oloves?

They're perfectly sized water free bags of olivey goodness. They really do fill the gap and take away hunger pangs, plus each bag only has 50 calories! What's not to love?

Number Three | Soffles

Soffles have become an obsession for me, they're crispy crunchy pieces of pitta bread with the most exceptional flavour going. They have two spicy bags and a softer rosemary & garlic option for those less inclined to spice. They are all handmade and have no hidden nasties, very honest ingredients and a super kick of chilli (if you pick the spicy flavours).

What's the best bit about Soffles?

Honestly, everything. They work on so many levels and myself and my colleges regularly challenge each other to the wild bag, that has a super kick of scotch bonnet chilli. They taste amazing, are a lovely little company and go with just about anything you can throw are them.

So here are my top three healthy snacks, they're missing the nasties and have more flavour than any 'highstreet' snack and they're all worth giving a go!

What's your favourite on the go snack?