Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Secret Girl's Survival Kit

Every girl needs their own little survival kit, something that can fit into every bag and is there for emergency use. So here's how to put together your very own modern day survival kit. The little bag I am using is a small coin purse from Irregular Choice, it's only about 3" by 3" big (10cm by 10cm) and fits a whole little world inside.

Beauty | The essentials

Face Wipes | you can pop a single or more, your choice face wipe into a ziplock bag, these work wonders for make-up emergency, or maybe you've stuck your hand into something sticky on the tube and are just too far away from the next bathroom.
Skin Oil | Skin oil packs a punch, a tiny little bottle goes a thousand times further than moisturiser and is perfect for a number of uses, from dried out nails to sorry looking skin.
Sun Cream | It's only when you really need suncream that you don't have it on you. Sample sachets fit perfectly into a small space and have enough in them to cover all your delicate areas and keep you safe.

Perfume | Mini trial bottle fit in well, they're perfect if you get asked out on a last minute date or just need to freshen up. Ask around beauty counters for some samples and keep one in your kit.
Lip Balm | Who doesn't need lip balm, I'm currently using the kiss by Lush and it works wonders and also comes in a handy teency tiny tin.

Hair Styling Products | I use a tiny little tin, that once contained the charity pot by Lush, and have decanted off a bit of Dirty (again by Lush, I know I'm obsessed) and keep it there for those bad 'fro days.

Bobby Pins | What doesn't break on you like an elastic bobble? What can you carry thousands of and never notice? What helps with every hairstyle? Bobby pins. Don't leave the house without these beauties.

Health | The Essentials

Plasters | From blisters from heels, scraped knees again from heels or any general scratch and scrape, plasters are a saviour on so many levels.
Medicine | You never know when a headache or a cramp could spring up, or when your buddy could really be in need. Cut down your pain medicines to make them easy to carry about!
Tooth Pick | Ain't nobody wants food in their teeth. Keeping a floss pick in your bag can help you out in dental emergencies, run to the bathroom and floss away.

Tampons | I don't think I need to explain this one, just be that girl who always has one.

The Final Essential

Money |  Tuck away a note or some change, any other challenge you face, from taxi fares to phone calls, can be easily dealt with. Plus you won't panic so much if you loose you credit card.

What would you have in your survival kit?