Thursday, January 22, 2015

The candle that smells like a log fire | Muji Log Fire

Over this winter period I have fallen love with one candle and one candle alone. That's not to mean that other candles haven't tried to fill that waxy gap in my life, but this beauty has left me truly longing for more. I don't think it really needs an introduction, but here's one anyway:

Log Fire | Feu De Bois | Muji | £3.50

It smells like a burning log fire in a rustic cabin hidden in the woods with a hunky woodsman chopping up some logs in the background somewhere. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but it does smell damn delightful. It's amazingly fragranced for a fairly cheap candle, I can smell it burning away from the other side of my flat, I might not live in a mansion but I don't live in a box either so that smell sure has to travel.

To describe the smell, it's quite smokey with layers upon layers of indistinguishable scents that just leave you filled with a cosy warm feeling. Plus it has an 18 hour burn time, 18 hours! If you're into woody scents and cosy feelings, give this one a shot!



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