Monday, January 05, 2015

Origins Ginger Gloss Smoothing Body Oil | Review

During the Christmas madness that has been and gone I found myself buying a little treat. I was browsing the Origins counter in Boots for some feety things (My mum is so specific with what she wants for Christmas) and this caught my eye. Now I'm actually new to Origins, I love looking at the products and love smelling them even more, but I have never got around to trying them out. So after picking out said feety things (which apparently work a dream) I added a Ginger Gloss into the mix to begin my own personal journey into the world of Origins.

The smell is the first thing that hit me with Ginger Gloss it's beautifully scented and, to me, smells somewhat like old fashioned cola rather than ginger. It absorbs into the skin beautifully and leaves a soft sheen, letting your skin glow. On the Origins website it says:

Spritz. Sweep. Smooth. Helps skin feel soft as silk. Contains non-oily Jojoba Oil, know for its hydrating and skin-softening benefits. 
Great for exposed legs, back and shoulders.

But I'll be completely honest and say that I used it all over, feeties included. With a scent that lingers for a while, but not so long that you can't use your favourite perfume. Results wise my skin looks happy, healthy and not dry, so that's perfect in my books. If I had to find a down side it would be how fast you can go through a bottle, it certainly won't be around until the summer!

What's your favourite body oil?