Friday, January 02, 2015

Detoxing Drinks | Detox Your Life

It's the second of January and after overdoing it a little bit at Christmas, my body is crying out for some much needed goodness. For the first part of my Detox Your Life chats, lets talk about the most important part, your body.

When it finally hits January (or after any holiday for that matter) I find myself wanting all things good. However, for the first few days I don't want to overdo it on the goodies, I like to take it slow and steady, so here's my first nutrient packed smoothie, perfect for sick tummies and a sluggish mind.

What you will need:

One medium sized banana.

Four or five large strawberries.

A small handful of basil.

A small handful of spinach.

The juice of one lemon.

Half an inch of grated fresh ginger.

oh - and a juice of your choice (200ml) to whizz these guys up into.

The ginger is great for getting rid of sick tummies, the lemon gives you a blast of vitamin C and the spinach and banana hold more minerals than you could shake a stick at yes I did just write that.

Once you have all of your ingredients pop 200ml of your favourite juice, coconut water or even milk on top of them and whizz them up in a blender. Enjoy at your leisure and feel good knowing it's not another turkey sandwich.

What are your favourite healthy drinks?