Saturday, January 03, 2015

Bomb Cosmetics | Bath Products Review

I've heard a lot about Bomb Cosmetics and as an overly obsessed bath lover (it's a problem) I thought I would go out and pick a few to try.

The first thing I noticed that was different to one very popular band *cough* Lush *cough* is that each of these little guys come wrapped up in plastic. I'm not 100% sure why they do this, but in some weird way I prefer it! If they're sitting in your bathroom there's a much smaller chance of them getting accidentally splashed and they can be shipped around a lot easier, meaning crazy designs are actually realistic.

The first ones I picked up were the tiny Bath Mallows purely because of how damn cute they are! Who doesn't want a tiny little moisturising cupcake in their bath? They all smell divine, very sweet smells and a lot more fruity fragrances than woody fragrances, but if you're a fruit lover like me, then you might have just landed yourself into fruity heaven.

Button Moon

Lemon Express

Neroli Flower

They take quite a while to melt in your bath, leaving your skin super soft and scented for a long while after! They use cocoa butter and shea butter to soften up sad, dry skin and make your water creamy and inviting, lovely oils to make you smell fresh as a daisy, or neroli in my case, and really do pack a punch.

I also went on to buy a few of their Bath Blasters which I must say head straight up into my favourite bath bombs of all time. They have an incredible amount of fizz, oozing out teeny little bubbles. The centres of a lot of them are filled with cocoa butter, releasing lovely softening oils into the water and leaving your skin feeling divine. The smell lingers too, pineapple express has to be one of my favourite bath bombs ever, it really does make me a happy chappy.

Pineapple Express

Sweetie Pie

Flutter By Butterfly
Fuchsia Falls

So to summarise, the cuteness drew me in and the softening butters and wonderful scents have made me stay. Plus the price. They've got that going for them too. If you haven't already tried out Bomb Cosmetics I would whole heartedly recommend it! If you have: What do you think?

Have a lovely day!