Thursday, January 01, 2015

8 Rules To Help You Keep Your New Years Resolutions.

Another new year has rolled around, meaning another fresh start. There's a little bit of me that gets really stubborn when I set out to fulfil a resolution and it just won't give up until it's complete. This years main resolution for me is to blog every single day, 365 blog posts, no breaks. I'm actually excited

So for my first post to start this brand new year, here's my top 8 rules to help you keep your New Years resolution (no matter what it is!).

We all go out and set ourselves the hardest challenge possible, maybe you want to make a major change in your life, but you're not going to make that major change on day one. Set an overall realistic goal, something that you could honestly see yourself achieving. This isn't an excuse not to shoot high, but it leaves you feel very satisfied when you make your goal.

Every plan takes time, some days you will feel disheartened, some days you will have all the energy in the world. Don't beat yourself up if you're struggling one day, the next day could see you running towards your goal.

Tell a friend, tell a co-worker, tell your mum. The more people you tell, the more people there are to encourage you on your journey. If you're having a hard day they will be there to turn to, if you're having a good day then they will be there to share the joy.

Buddy up on your challenge, sharing your progress with someone that wants to do the same thing as you can make it a lot easier. It won't just be a pat on the back from someone watching your journey, rather it'll be a hand to pick you up from someone on your journey.

This one is easy to say, but please please don't give up. If you set yourself a resolution or a goal, then you're doing it for a reason. Write down these reasons, remind yourself of these reasons, if you're having a bad day don't throw in the towel! In the end you're making changes for you.

A lot of people will be supportive, but some people want to take you off your track. Maybe they're uncomfortable with what you're doing, jealous of your progress or just aren't on the same page. Sometimes you need to take what people say with a pinch of salt.

If you go through the whole of your challenge ultimately miserable, is there any real point? New Years resoloutions are there to better parts of your life, to change things you don't like and to make you happier. If you're feeling none stop sad, then maybe it wasn't the right move for you. Life is about happiness, not punishment.

You can always try again, there is no final decision with resolutions. If you fail, take a few days and then jump straight back into it. Don't beat yourself up so much that you don't think about starting again until 2016.

 I hope this can be helpful and I'd love to hear your resolutions!

Here's to the first page of 365.