Sunday, January 04, 2015

5 Books That Made Your Childhood (and mine!)

As a Child I loved to read, if you gave me a book I would devour it in days, but there were a special few that really made my childhood.

Number 1 | Horrible Histories

My favourite was The Awesome Egyptians, but I'm sure everyone has their own favourite. There was something great about getting lost in a little bit of history, gory stories and all, with some accidental learning along the way.

Number 2 | The Discworld Novels

I loved getting engrossed in a world that was full of strange and unusual characters. There was something so relatable to a lot of them, but so out of the ordinary that I was compelled to read the whole series. Which was your favourite Discworld novel?

Number Three | Harry Potter

No childhood book list would be complete without Harry Potter, so many of us escaped to another world that was just a little bit too believable. Then so many of us waited by the door for our Hogwarts letter and had to have years of recovery therapy when it didn't arrive (mine's still lost, I'm sure Royal Mail messed up somewhere).

Number Four | The Wind Singer

I'm not sure how critically acclaimed this was, I'm not even sure if people actually read it, but it was a beauty of a series. It was my first proper taste of a dustpan universe and on reflection I think this probably influenced The Hunger Games. If you didn't read this as a child, read this now, it's actually amazing.

Numer Five | The Lord Of The Rings

This is a masterpiece that will always be on my top ever books list. It was the perfect piece of escapism and grew my love of unusual words and my thoughts about the beauty of writing. I feel like it's kind of sneaky having it on a childhood book list, but that was when my first adventure into Middle Earth was so here it stays.

The Sneaky Number Six | N64 Gaming Manuals 

What a list without a sneaky extra? I spent hours trawling through N64 guides to complete games that cemented my fantasy childhood. There's something so sweet reflecting on them now and looking back at characters I spent hours with.

What are your favourite childhood books? I'd love to hear!