Sunday, January 18, 2015

10 Reasons Chocolate is good for you (and should be guilt free!)

10 reasons why chocolate is actually good for you or I just baked a batch of muffins and need to justify myself.

Damn muffins.
1| Chocolate is a superfood, the active part of chocolate, cocoa, is so rich in flavanols that it can increase blood flow to the brain, reducing signs of ageing and keeping us in tip top condition.

2| Chocolate is high in magnesium, helping us to relax both our mind and our body. This makes it fantastic for PMS i swear this isn't just justifying the 40 bars of chocolate I eat during that time, it's actually true.

3| Chocolate contains ananadamine, a neuro transmitter that helps you regulate your mood, so when you're feeling like a grumpy bunny, don't lash out, reach for the bar (of chocolate, not the mojitos).

4| Chocolate's high levels or plant sterols and flavonoids can help keep both your cholesterol and blood pressure in check. If eating the good stuff now helps for future health, count me in!

5| That antioxidants found in chocolate can help prevent signs of ageing, from the things happening inside, to external signs too!

6| When picking your bar of goodness, reach for one with a higher cacao content, or even go raw and unprocessed. Raw chocolate retains so much more goodness and much higher levels of antioxidants, you can see my list of awesome raw chocolates here!

7| Chocolate contains l-theanine, which increases levels of dopamine, that's the stuff that just makes you feel plain happy.

8| There are low levels of caffeine that occur naturally in chocolate, meaning it can wake you up and keep you up beat.

9| Chocolate can actually help weight loss, it keeps you happy and on track, letting you have a little feel good treat with a huge nutritional value.

10| It can help keep your blood sugar level, meaning you won't get those sudden hunger pangs and you will get a happy tummy.

Now go out and get yourself a guilt free bar of chocolate!



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