Wednesday, January 07, 2015

10 Childhood Toys We'll Always Remember

1) Beanie Babies
Every animal, every name and that one special one that shares your birthday. There was always the true belief that your collection would be worth something as long as you kept the tag and the baby in perfect condition, if you search eBay you can buy a whole bin bag full for £5. Dark times.

2) Slap Wrist Bands
Made out of metal and coated in bright fabric they were so entertaining to hit your wrist with and fake pain. Then hit your friends, family and anything vaguely to try and make them work. There was also that one rumour of the girl that hit too hard and died. Yes, died.

Gotta Catch 'Em All. You think you made the wise choice picking Charmander then you hit Misty's gym and the crafty little bitch uses water types. Cue 6 year old devastation and a game restart.

Dream worlds that actually could be real, talking to your toys like they might actually be real and when you turn around they look blankly at the back of your head and mouth kill me please.

Not just the 3310. Not just the interchangeable cases and the fact they could survive everything an 8 year old throws at it. Not just the clicking buttons and the ever-lasting battery. But the fact you could text your friends after hours hidden under your bed sheet clutching at the begging of the social revolution.

6) Bubblegum
They made cards, they made keychains and wrapping paper and everything cute. The hardest thing was deciding which one you related to more and which was socially appropriate to give your new best friend for her birthday, Nutty Tart? Too Forward. Old Git? Totally before your time. Wino? Perfect.

7) Baby-G
The big hulking chunk of plastic watch with a digital interface. In different colours. The height of elegance and sophistication, it wasn't just about telling the time, it was about showing the whole of Year 6 you were the epitome of fashion

8) N64
Games? Aren't they just for boys? Excuse me while I sit up until 10:30 pretending to be asleep and getting through Donkey Kong like a pro. It wasn't just a boys world, games sets appeared in everyones bedrooms and a whole new imaginary world was built.

9) Harry Potter
Where's my letter? Where's my letter? Where's my letter? Cue years of therapy and a deep empty longing. Where were you when Sirius died?

10) Lego
A toy where you can play pretend and it's not in the kitchen? Why thank-you very much. Castles, pirates, space and world's only you would ever really understand. The amount of tubs of lego in the world must be able to build a whole Lego island, a brick paradise of imagination and interchangeable hair styles.

What toys stuck with you?