Monday, December 01, 2014

Top Five Matte Lip Products.

2014 seems to have been the year for matte lip products, from losses (glicks? That wonderful combination between a lipgloss and a lipstick), to pencils and good old fashion lipsticks, a whole host of matte lip products have appeared on the shelves. First let me say, these photos show my loved and dinted products, how else can a girl review something if she doesn't wear it?! So lets jump straight in:

Rimmel Apocalips - 206 Atomic Rose Matte Edition

This fits into that strange category, is it a lipgloss? Is it a lipstick? We'll never really know. The colour is a beautifully toned nude, the applicator a soft doe foot and the packaging as sturdy as the whole Apocalypse range. One of my major draws to his product is it's ability to layer up beautifully, one swipe and you get a soft matte lip, two and a it's a bold bold and three leaves you perfectly finished. I must add the other colours in this range are fantastic too!

Maybelline Color Drama - 310 Berry Much

At first glance this looks like a cheeky lip liner that I've slipped in the bunch, but I assure you it's much more than that. It could easily work under numerous other lip products but on its own it stands as a bold, dark deeply toned lip product. The pencil format isn't drying, it isn't cakey and does't sit heavily on your lips, instead it lends itself to precision application. You can easily work it around your cupids bow and into the tiny corners of your mouth and I imagine it would even be easy to apply in a dimly lit bathroom after a couple of tipples.

Rimmel Kate - 107 Wine

I am no new fried to Kate Moss's lipsticks for Rimmel, but I am new to her matte ranges. This was a relatively new purchase and I must say I'm in love. The last is fantastic and the finish it perfect, it sits well as a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Red Carpet Red and is amazingly pigmented. The smell is soft, although I must admit I miss the original Kate scent, it doesn't over power you when you're wearing it, just slightly lingering. 

Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red

This is now my tried and tested go to red. It's deep and infatuating, it isn't chalky and harshly textured. The nib is a little bit different with its geometrical shape, but hey it's always nice to try out something new. If the product wasn't enough it's beautifully clad in a rose gold art deco style tube and though my time owning it, it has never lost its lid in my bag. As for layering and waerability it's pretty much perfectly designed, there's only one matte lipstick that can beat this one in my books and that's coming up next.

YSL - 205 

This picture reveals how much I use this lipstick. It's my go to when I want to feel glamorous, or when I want to detract attention from a flaw. It's loved and worn so much that I haven't got a bad word to say about it, a little bit of me wishes there was something to dislike, so that if it ever gets discontinued I can moan and shake my fists at an imaginary problem and move on to another product.  My parting words for this one is - try it. You'll never look back.

What's your favourite lip product of 2014?


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