Monday, December 08, 2014

The truth about a girl called Zoella.

When you start making a presence online, be it from a blog, youtube, Instagram or twitter, you share your soul to the world. The problem that comes with doing this is that you can never reveal 100% of yourself. We are a generation of people built to question everything we see, we're used to being advertised too, we're used to seeing people's ideas and opinions plastering the walls of the internet and we're also used too picking a side. 

Which is awful.

Recently it came to light that Zoella aka 'Zoe Sugg' had her first novel written by a ghost writer and people are now sitting in two camps. Camp one is 'the deceived' those who feel lied to and look at the evidence with shock and hate. Camp two is 'the diehards' they will support through the good and the bad, the bubbles and the storm clouds. But why has this so flagrantly split people, why has the blogging world come to a finite crossroads? 

Arguably some people revel in demise, they want to see the end to something so great (and by great I mean large, I want to stay impartial in this whole post), some people want to be seen as the knights in shining armour, holding the back of the person thrust into the limelight. When we look at all the facts, everything that has gone on, how the media has grabbed hold of the non-story that is ghost writing, it makes me wonder;  when did it become socially acceptable to single out a 24 year old woman and obliterate all of her work?

Zoella did work on the novel, if she wrote every word then good on her, if she hired a ghost writer then oh well, at least it's encouraging a new generation of fiction readers, it may even encourage the younger generations to put pen to paper and write themselves. When you really look at it all it becomes such a non-story that it becomes boring, to me over these past few days it has turning from 'girl hires ghostwriter to get her ideas out there' to 'look how the national media can bully a 24 year old woman into submission'.

Where does this story end? Who really knows, the media world loves to batter down success and it burns that as a community we can't support each others moves in the play. There are no real answers as to why the blogging community has split so vastly over the news, it's just unfortunate that we can't all move forward together and see the bigger picture; don't believe everything you see, in every way. 

Everything we do and say is like holding a mirror up to ourselves, words of kindness are true beauty.


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