Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Top 6 Raw Vegan Chocolate Bars.

-The Raw Chocolate Run Down-

Some of you may know that I work in health, but if you didn't, hey I work in health! So I thought I would put together a run down of the best raw chocolate bars on the market, some tasty healthier treats that make you mouth water overtime.

Number 1 - Pacari

Pacari has a whole range going, but I thought I would choose the chocolate covered banana bits as my top choice. They're tiny little balls of flavour, lightly chewy with an amazing banana taste, none of that foam banana falseness. 

They are also tiny, so it works brilliantly for taking a fast sweet tooth away and you don't feel oh-so-guilty after eating them.

Number 2 - Booja-Booja

Most people that follow a vegan or raw diet will have heard of Booja-Booja from their famous ice-cream alternative. If you didn't know they also make truffles, in an array of flavours. They're little delightful chocolate squares that melt in your mouth, eat little pack has two pieces, perfect for a post dinner treat and not enough to be sickly!

Number 3 - Mulu

Mulu is a fairly new bar to me, they do a great little range, from milk chocolate alternatives to chocolate buttons. They come as a nine squared slab in a delightful little box:

I find that Mulu melts in your mouth excellently, it feels like you're getting a chocolate cuddle from the inside out. Three squares is more than satisfying and I really can't wait to see where this company goes!

Number 4 - The Raw Chocolate Company

The Raw Chocolate Company do two things extremely well - chocolate covered berries and tiny bite-sized bars. The gojis berries are addictive, I can't have the big bag in the house because it'll soon be snarled and I'll be a sad bunny. The bars and small servings are perfect, they're gloriously rich and divine, if it's your first trip into raw chocolate, head to these guys.

Number 5 - Conscious

These are a mainstay in my kitchen cupboards, they melt beautfifully and hoard superfoods into their products. They can be a little bit out there with their use of algae and oddities, but every bar I've tried has been delightful. Well worth a look at just for something different.

Number 6 - The Raw Chocolate Pie Company

It's not pie - it's a chocolate bar. I assume you. This festive addition is laced with brandy, it's intensely flavoured and a little goes a long way. They are fridge friendly delights and revel in layers of flavours.  The side of the wrapper says 'food of the gods' and they're probably right in this one.

I hope you've enjoyed my little run down, I'd love to know what snacks you're loving at the moment!


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