Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Top 5 Lush Products.

My top five Lush products at the moment is full of cult classics, all of them are saving me from the dreaded winter dryness and I really feel that each deserves its own special mention. I don't have a special order for them, so lets get to it!

-Shades Of Earl Grey-

This one is relatively new, it recently joined the Lush massage bar line up and smells divine. Not only that, it's amazingly hydrating, it leaves my winter skin soft and supple, it's light enough that it soaks in fact but leaves a lingering citrus and tea scent on your skin. What a little beauty!

-No Drought-

The first thing that ever drew me to this product was the name, the second thing was the blast of citrus scent that plumes out of the bottle. I'm a dark haired lady, so I was a little worried I would look slightly frosted when using this, but I can assure you it rubs in really well. The smell lasts all day and leaves your hair look fresh with a whole host of texture and glorious volume. I'll never go back to the dry shampoo cans now!

-Mask Of Magnaminty-

This is an utter cult classic and it's a classic for a reason. When you open your pot you get a whoosh of fresh mint, when you smother it on your skin you get a light tingle and a cooling, refreshing feel. It uses aduki beans to lightly exfoliate when you rinse it off and has helped my crazy breakouts on many an occasion. Plus it lasts forever so it has that going for it too!


If you love jasmine and love soft, supple hair then this is for you. It's really nourishing and get's into all the dry hairs leaving your mane soft and manageable. It also leaves your hair perfumed for as long as your have it in (so from wash to wash!). The upside to this is you only need to use a tiny little bit too, so this little pot will last me 'til it expires (and lets face it, probably beyond!).

-Ocean Salt-

Let me start off with something I hate; I hate scrubs that peel away at your skin leaving it aching for moisture. I hate scrubs that make you feel like your face is going to fall off. This skin scrub does neither. It's very gentle, the salt dissolves into water so it washes off easily and you don't find yourself hacking at your skin to get off lumps of scrub. It also smells beautiful (again citrusy, I'm on a bit of a citrus hit at the moment!).

What are your Lush favourites?


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