Saturday, November 01, 2014

NEW Lush Massage Bars Review | Shades of Earl Grey, Yes Yes Yes, Pearl, Dirty & Per Cup

Lush had a cheeky new release today, in the shape of FIVE new massage bars. So since I was in the area I popped into a store and picked some up for myself.

It's actually the perfect time of the year to be releasing new massage bars, after the madness that comes with the Christmas and Halloween releases this was a welcome change! So let's get straight into it:


Per Cup is a heavenly coffee sceneted massage bar, it's packed full of full beans and smells divine. This has imidiately become my favourite of the lot, I'm a huge coffee lover and this smells like freshly brewed coffee with a sweet soft twang on the end. This one is also packed full of jojoba oil, so it'll be perfect for those dry winter days!


Shades of Earl Grey is a zesty lime fragranced bar, with a twist of tea thrown into the mix. It feels like a cousin to From Dusk 'Til Dawn, a fresh twist on the standard bars and a lovely change from all the floral scents that get thrown about. It also has a cheeky name, so its got that going for it to!


Pearl is bubbly and light, rose scented and packed full of pink sago bubbles. The bubbles are meant to boost circulation and really work to get rid of knots and tightness. It smells light and pretty, soft and feminine. This one is also packed with argan oil, so it's super duper hydrating!


Dirty is fresh and fun. It's full of spearmint and chocolate (two of my favourite things), the little lush logo is made of chocolate and it's going to be interesting to see how that applies to the skin! The smell is really fresh with this one, so minty and fun it'll be great as a morning pick me up!


There's one word that you think when you first smell yes yes yes and that's jasmine. It's so, so fragranced that it would probably last through a rain storm! In fact it's so fragranced that I would probably use this as a solid perfume rather than a massage bar, or at least in place of my regular perfume!

So that's all of them! Which is your favourite?


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  1. Does the Yes Yes Yes massage bar smell like any other jasmine scented products Lush carries? I love stuff like Alkmaar, Silky Underwear, Turbo, Fairy Jasmine, All That Jas, but things like BadAss Gel, Flying Fox aren't my thing. Wondering if this smells like any of those?