Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas in London.

I've lived in London for six years now, that means I've had six Christmas seasons in the capital city. This weekend I spent my time pottering about London enjoying the festivities, seeing the southbank market and popping up to Regents street and into Selfridges. I decided to stay a lot more laid back, think less about shopping and presents and take more time to just enjoy the atmosphere; this has to be the most magical Christmas weekend I've ever had.

Southbank Carousel

The first place I visited was the Southbank Christmas market, between the old fashioned carousel and the chestnut roasting venders lay dozens of tiny stalls, holding beautiful unique goods and warming the crowds around:

It was a beautiful sight to see, people admiring all of the unique handy work, colours and flickering lights festooning the bank, outside of the stalls rows and rows of fairy lights flickered from the trees, glimmering in place of the stars.

After the long walk was done, the Christmas tree maze passed by, candy floss consumed by the bag and the carousel music fading into the distance there was one last chance to glimpse the ever famous city site falling into the dark night sky.

Westminster Skyline

London really is a magical place at this time of year, if you get the chance you truly need to visit.


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