Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lush So White Review, bathbomb & shower gel.

This Christmas Lush released the so white bathbombs counter part, the so white shower gel! Now I'm a terribly huge fan of the smell of apples (as we speak I have a christmas cinnamon apple candle burning away in the corner, getting its scent all up in my nose) so I might be a little bias when it comes to the so white two part range, but my goodness they are amazing.

The so white saga began with this little guy, just a bland looking, plain white, bathbomb. It has actually increased in size over the years and this time around it's a full sized beauty, with a whole host of apple fragrance. It does hold a secret pink centre, but the colour is nothing to shout from the rooftops about, this is one bathbomb where it's all about the smell.

This year the so white range was extended, only by one item mind you, it's gained a soul mate in the so white shower gel. This is a particularly runny gel, but so far I've used about half a bottle and have gained a new obsession.

The smell is amazingly beautiful, it smells so apple like it makes me grin all bath time long, there are even teeny tiny pieces of lustre glitter in it, so it doesn't leave you sparkling like a bauble but it does give you an extra glow!

What it's good for:
Your skin
Your hair
Your bath water
Your dry bits
Your greasy bits

What it's bad for:
Your eyes

I'm serious about the bad for part, I got it in my eyes once and thought I was going to die, went foetal position in the tub and inhaled enough foam to create a second bath in my lungs. Just kidding. But it is painful, so as much I would really advise using it as a shampoo, because the smell lingers just so beautifully in your hair, I would advise keeping it away from your eyes at all costs. I understand that this error was just my own stupidity so here's the overall ratings!

10/10 like biting into a fresh apple on a cold autumn morning

9/10 a little goes a long way but it could be a tad thicker

9/10 the same price as other Lush shower gels

10/10 would obsess over all year long.


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