Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween makeup for under $10/£10

You might have guessed, it's October. The month where the cardigans come out, the pumpkins get carved and all things spooky come to visit. I love halloween makeup. There's something so awesome about making yourself look terrifying when most of the year your spend your makeup time trying to look stunning. 
I also like doing things on the minimal edge. Not everyone can afford a flash palette for their halloween get-up so here are a few looks that I put together using only the following items:

Black Gel Eyeliner (Cost: between £3 and £6. Specifically I used Rimmel because it's lying in my makeup drawer)
White halloween facepaint (cost: £1 - found in a million places at this time of year)
White kohl pencil (cost: £1)

Look one: The eyeless girl.

Look two: Skull kid.

Look three: The mouth.

All of these looks take a little bit of time to complete, the mouth took about 20-25 minutes of painting. But in the end the results are pretty awesome and won't break your bank!

What are you favourite halloween looks?


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