Sunday, October 05, 2014

First Snow Lush Dusting Powder Review

I went a little bit Lush crazy yesterday. All of their new autumn/winter collection has come in and my oh my it's beautiful. First Snow was not something I was expecting to love, I mean look at this little guy, it's pretty plain looking. The smell however trapped me in, it's gloriously citrusy and soft smelling, something I don't particularly associate with Christmas, but it's a fresh change to cinnamon and nutmeg!

When you peep inside the top it's like looking in a little winter wonderland with mountains of snow, the whole landscape glittering. This may have sent me into a teeny bit of a festive frenzy. But what does it actually look like on the skin?

From left to right: bare skin, powder on skin, lightly rubbed in, fully rubbed in.

As you can see from the pictures above it leaves an amazing lustre to your skin. It's soft and light and doesn't feel cloggy at all. The sheen is really brightening and leaves a superb finish, I didn't feel Edward Cullen in the slightest! The smell is a lot lighter when it's all rubbed in and just leaves a soft citrus hint.

I can't wait to use this at festive parties and I have a feeling it would make a wonderful highlighter during the darker months. 

So what would I rate this? 10/10. My first 10/10 in a long time, but for something so simple it does a wonderful job!

RRP: £4.75

What are your favourites so far?


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