Thursday, October 09, 2014

Christmas Lush Cocktails.


Everyone likes a nice cocktail once in a while, it doesn't have to be the kind that makes you tizzy and misplace your keys at 3am!So here are a few of my favourite LUSH cocktails using some of their new halloween and christmas releases!

Lush-tail number one:
We only wear pink ;)

Left to right: magic wand, snow fairy, candy mountain.

These sweet fragrances all mix up together into one lovely little piece of candy heaven. If you're feeling a bit down and out and want something to put you back together again I suggest being transported to a bubbly candy mountain with a snow fairy whipped top. This also lets you pretend to be a fairy in the tub, because hey, who doesn't want to be a tub fairy.

Lush-tail number two:
Snow White's Delight

From left to right: so white shower gel, so white bathbomb.

These are two of my favourite lush products, probably ever. I love their crisp apple scent, it's not the fake super sweet apple smell, but a crisp joyous smell of when you first bite into a fresh apple. This combo can leave you awakened and full of fall joy!

Lush-tail number three:
Cinnabon - no - cinnamon!

From left to right: holly-go-lightly bubble bar, Hot Toddy shower gel.

Hot Toddy and Holly-go-lightly go together like... well... hot toddy and holly-go-lightly. They're both overpoweringly spicy, warm and cinnamon central. You can become a glittery cinnamon roll, or a festive pudding if only for your bathing moment. It's a great combo to perk up your festive spirits and lift the winter blues leaving you all warm inside!

Lush-tail number four:
Hubble Bubble...

From left to right: northern lights bathbomb, wizard bubble bar.

This pairing is fresh, it's lively and it has a portable wand in the shape of Northern lights. It's a great little mix to bring colour back into your life and can let you enjoy even the darkest and coldest of winter nights.

I hope you enjoyed this mix of lush-tails pop a comment if you'd like to see any more, I'd love to hear from you!