Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beauty on a budget | Skincare part one

It can be quite hard to find skincare items that leave you glowing but don't break your bank account, so I thought I would put together a little series that goes through some of the amazing skincare products, old and new, that are really quite affordable.

The first one I have for you is tried and tested, it's a cleaner, moisturiser and a makeup remover. What is that miracle? I hear you ask, well that miracle is Pond's Cold Cream.

Pond's has been around since 1840, that's nearly 200 years of women using it and going back for pot after pot. It's used by celebrities, endorsed by generations and seems to have gone a little over looked in recent years!

But first things first, lets talk price. This little beauty cost me a whopping £1.99. I couldn't even buy a ticket on the bus for that price! It comes in a beautiful glass pot (Glass!? For £1.99!?) and smells of flowers. I'm not sure which flowers, but hey, flowers is a lot better than many other smells.

It looks like a standard cream, is of a medium thickness and is perfect for ANY skin type. How do you use it? Well all you have to do is massage it onto your skin and remove the excess with a clean cotton pad. It'll leave you glorious and glowing, perfect for the silly winter months!

Here's a fun little advert from the 1930's, we all still worry about the same things today, nothing changes in 100 years!

So if you're after a budget beauty item go out and try this gorgeous cream!


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Holly Go Lightly Review | Lush Christmas 2014

The first thing you notice when you pick up a bar of Holly Go Lightly is the amount of lustre this little bubble bar has packed onto the outside. If you choose to put it back down and not into your basket then you'll still take a little piece of it home with you in the shape of your sparkly silver finger tips. Holly Go Lightly is a new release for Christmas 2014 and I sure hope it stays around for a few more annual releases.

It's not quite as cute as the Christmas Penguin, the shape is more simple, a splodgy pudding with a bright holly leaf draped over the top and a few bright red berries nestled on top. On first smell it fills you up with Christmas joy, the smells of Christmas passed and a real warmth and joy. In fact it shares its smell with Hot Toddy, so pairing those together is a real dream.

When you break your bar in two (trust me, you only need half at a time!) There is a single silver streak running through the core, a tiny hidden slither of silver lustre, which I imagine is what leaves your bath water looking like this:

From the first glance it looks like a sparkly deep green night sky with puffy bubble clouds circling. The bar bubbles up amazingly well, isn't drying on the skin and smells divine.

Lush describes it as:

Come on in out of the cold and wrap yourself up in this comforting Christmas blanket of a bubble bar. Break the generously-sized pudding into two and crumble under running water. Its festive spice fragrance is like bathing in a hot toddy, perfect for getting you in the Christmas spirit.

I would rate this so highly on my Christmas list as it just ticks all the boxes, it's calming, soothing, warming and merry. It's spiced rum and it's a warm hug. 10/10.

Oh and if you're in a very festive mood, try this little combo:

What's your favourite Christmas release this year?


(Here's a last 'night sky' picture ;) )

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Lush So White Review, bathbomb & shower gel.

This Christmas Lush released the so white bathbombs counter part, the so white shower gel! Now I'm a terribly huge fan of the smell of apples (as we speak I have a christmas cinnamon apple candle burning away in the corner, getting its scent all up in my nose) so I might be a little bias when it comes to the so white two part range, but my goodness they are amazing.

The so white saga began with this little guy, just a bland looking, plain white, bathbomb. It has actually increased in size over the years and this time around it's a full sized beauty, with a whole host of apple fragrance. It does hold a secret pink centre, but the colour is nothing to shout from the rooftops about, this is one bathbomb where it's all about the smell.

This year the so white range was extended, only by one item mind you, it's gained a soul mate in the so white shower gel. This is a particularly runny gel, but so far I've used about half a bottle and have gained a new obsession.

The smell is amazingly beautiful, it smells so apple like it makes me grin all bath time long, there are even teeny tiny pieces of lustre glitter in it, so it doesn't leave you sparkling like a bauble but it does give you an extra glow!

What it's good for:
Your skin
Your hair
Your bath water
Your dry bits
Your greasy bits

What it's bad for:
Your eyes

I'm serious about the bad for part, I got it in my eyes once and thought I was going to die, went foetal position in the tub and inhaled enough foam to create a second bath in my lungs. Just kidding. But it is painful, so as much I would really advise using it as a shampoo, because the smell lingers just so beautifully in your hair, I would advise keeping it away from your eyes at all costs. I understand that this error was just my own stupidity so here's the overall ratings!

10/10 like biting into a fresh apple on a cold autumn morning

9/10 a little goes a long way but it could be a tad thicker

9/10 the same price as other Lush shower gels

10/10 would obsess over all year long.


Sunday, October 19, 2014

DIY | Strawberry Cupcake Solid Body Butter / Bath Melts!

Today I decided to whip up a batch of strawberry cupcake solid lotion (they also double as bath melts!). I love a sweet strawberry and cream fragrance, it'll always be a smell that makes me a happy chappy. If you fancy seeing how to make them yourself, then watch here!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Halloween makeup for under $10/£10

You might have guessed, it's October. The month where the cardigans come out, the pumpkins get carved and all things spooky come to visit. I love halloween makeup. There's something so awesome about making yourself look terrifying when most of the year your spend your makeup time trying to look stunning. 
I also like doing things on the minimal edge. Not everyone can afford a flash palette for their halloween get-up so here are a few looks that I put together using only the following items:

Black Gel Eyeliner (Cost: between £3 and £6. Specifically I used Rimmel because it's lying in my makeup drawer)
White halloween facepaint (cost: £1 - found in a million places at this time of year)
White kohl pencil (cost: £1)

Look one: The eyeless girl.

Look two: Skull kid.

Look three: The mouth.

All of these looks take a little bit of time to complete, the mouth took about 20-25 minutes of painting. But in the end the results are pretty awesome and won't break your bank!

What are you favourite halloween looks?


Thursday, October 09, 2014

Christmas Lush Cocktails.


Everyone likes a nice cocktail once in a while, it doesn't have to be the kind that makes you tizzy and misplace your keys at 3am!So here are a few of my favourite LUSH cocktails using some of their new halloween and christmas releases!

Lush-tail number one:
We only wear pink ;)

Left to right: magic wand, snow fairy, candy mountain.

These sweet fragrances all mix up together into one lovely little piece of candy heaven. If you're feeling a bit down and out and want something to put you back together again I suggest being transported to a bubbly candy mountain with a snow fairy whipped top. This also lets you pretend to be a fairy in the tub, because hey, who doesn't want to be a tub fairy.

Lush-tail number two:
Snow White's Delight

From left to right: so white shower gel, so white bathbomb.

These are two of my favourite lush products, probably ever. I love their crisp apple scent, it's not the fake super sweet apple smell, but a crisp joyous smell of when you first bite into a fresh apple. This combo can leave you awakened and full of fall joy!

Lush-tail number three:
Cinnabon - no - cinnamon!

From left to right: holly-go-lightly bubble bar, Hot Toddy shower gel.

Hot Toddy and Holly-go-lightly go together like... well... hot toddy and holly-go-lightly. They're both overpoweringly spicy, warm and cinnamon central. You can become a glittery cinnamon roll, or a festive pudding if only for your bathing moment. It's a great combo to perk up your festive spirits and lift the winter blues leaving you all warm inside!

Lush-tail number four:
Hubble Bubble...

From left to right: northern lights bathbomb, wizard bubble bar.

This pairing is fresh, it's lively and it has a portable wand in the shape of Northern lights. It's a great little mix to bring colour back into your life and can let you enjoy even the darkest and coldest of winter nights.

I hope you enjoyed this mix of lush-tails pop a comment if you'd like to see any more, I'd love to hear from you!


Sunday, October 05, 2014

Lush Christmas And Halloween Collection 2014

This is not a review. This is an oh-me oh-my they're all so pretty and glittery picture parade. I want to be able to take my time to review Lushes autumn winter releases, so I thought I would just pop their fresh faced pictures up now!

What's your favourite this time round?



First Snow Lush Dusting Powder Review

I went a little bit Lush crazy yesterday. All of their new autumn/winter collection has come in and my oh my it's beautiful. First Snow was not something I was expecting to love, I mean look at this little guy, it's pretty plain looking. The smell however trapped me in, it's gloriously citrusy and soft smelling, something I don't particularly associate with Christmas, but it's a fresh change to cinnamon and nutmeg!

When you peep inside the top it's like looking in a little winter wonderland with mountains of snow, the whole landscape glittering. This may have sent me into a teeny bit of a festive frenzy. But what does it actually look like on the skin?

From left to right: bare skin, powder on skin, lightly rubbed in, fully rubbed in.

As you can see from the pictures above it leaves an amazing lustre to your skin. It's soft and light and doesn't feel cloggy at all. The sheen is really brightening and leaves a superb finish, I didn't feel Edward Cullen in the slightest! The smell is a lot lighter when it's all rubbed in and just leaves a soft citrus hint.

I can't wait to use this at festive parties and I have a feeling it would make a wonderful highlighter during the darker months. 

So what would I rate this? 10/10. My first 10/10 in a long time, but for something so simple it does a wonderful job!

RRP: £4.75

What are your favourites so far?


Saturday, October 04, 2014

Lush Halloween And Christmas Products Haul.

I hopped over to Lush on Regent's Street today to get a little bit festively mad. Here's a little preview picture to the many reviews to come:

I can't get rid of all the glitter on me, or the smell of lush in my hair. I love it. Much like I love the winter collection this year, there's something for everyone and it's pretty darn amazing!

What's you favourite lush product?


Friday, October 03, 2014

My Lipstick Collection (YSL, Mac, Charlotte Tilbury, Tom Ford, Chanel)

If I ever get asked the question what is one makeup item you can't live without?  I always answer lipstick. I love lipstick, I have a bit of an on going collection, so I thought it was time to share! I've put together all of my high end lipsticks (in colour groups) and thought it was about time to do some mini reviews.

The berries (vamp lipstick galore)

From left to right: YSL the mats 205, Mac Hang-Up, Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry, Tom Ford Bruised Plum,
We all have a favourite colour lipstick, the one you slather on and feel a million dollars and the one that makes you walk the cracked pavement like a goddess. My favourite is dark berry colours, the vampier the better.

YSL 205:This was my first trip into matte lipsticks, it's a signature colour now and I love it to pieces. It's dark, brooding, sexy and interesting. I don't think there's a single skin colour it wouldn't match perfectly. It goes on so so well, layers like a dream and lasts all day. If you're looking to invest in your first high end lipstick, this is definitely the perfect starting point.

Mac Hang-Up:I have something to admit, it's a horrible secret that's been weighing heavy on my chest. I'm not the biggest fan of Mac. The smell of their lipstick is awesome, the packaging easy and effective, but the layering, last and overall colour pay off of this stick is really not to my standards. Still a great starting point, but if I'm completely honest I wouldn't invest again.

Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry:This was only recently released and I think it must have been sent to every high profile blogger and their mothers. The colour is lovely, I really can't get on with the square nib, the texture is...fine? Don't get me wrong, that sounds awfully negative, but I was ultimately spoilt with 205, however it's very worth investing in Glastonberry.

Tom Ford Bruised Plum:This is honestly a lipstick that I would recommend to anyone. It has a light seen to it, when you see it in the tube it lightly sparkles. It lasts amazingly well and every now and again you get a waft of chocolate scent from your lips. It's also amazingly moisturising, I couldn't really rave anymore about this lipstick!

The Red.

Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red:

I only have one red in my high end collection, I prefect darker colours and bright colours but I do think every girl should have their red. This one is amazing, the colour is a deep rich matte red with a velvety texture and a high colour pay off. The tube is gorgeous and everything about this product reflects the art deco glamour era. I'd highly advise this little beauty and unlike Glastonberry I really can't find any flaws.

The Nude.

Chanel Sentiment:

Like The Red I only have one nude (reasons the same as above!). The colour is a light nude, highly pigmented and highly moisturing. It never feels heavy on the lips and smells like roses. Wearability wise I find it lasts a few hours before the need to reapply. The only downside with this is the durability of the tube, it sounds silly but I've had drugstore tubes last longer in my handbag!

The Pinks.

From left to right: YSL 208, YSL Baby Doll Shade 9, YSL 7.
YSL 208:The brightest of my pinks this is a bold statement colour, in-fact it's the statement YSL pink. Bright and cheerful, warm and happy. The lasting power is INCREDIBLE and the shade is to die for. One thing I absolutely love about the mattes collection is that there is no need for a liner! Great for those cold grey days and the days you need to liven yourself up.

YSL BAby Doll Kiss & Blush Shade 9:Ok so this isn't a lipstick, it's a dual purpose product. It has a lovely soft matte finish, a silky feeling on the lips and a pigmentation to match all the YSL prodcuts. If I had to describe it in one word it would be 'mattegloss' not a matte lipstick, not a lipgloss. It goes on wonderfully and if you're into the world of dual products it's well worth investing in.

YSLRouge Volupte Shade 7:This is by far the creamiest of my lipsticks, it's super duper moisturising, leaves a sheen of colour on the lips and layers up crazy style. I love the packing on the volupte collection, I love the style of the lipstick too, winding it down fully helps the very creamy product stay all in one place and keep its shape too. If you're in the market for a cream lipstick head right this way!

I've love to know what your favourite high end lipsticks are!