Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday relaxing - First Fall Outfit!

Sunday, oh, Sunday! I love lazy Sundays, I also love lazy fall Sundays. There's just something so cozy about them that they're hard to resist. I've started planning out my fall season outfits and today became the day I put my first one together.
I love texture in outfits, pattern, texture and colour are all important. I also loooove comfort. Especially on one of those lazy Sunday's, here's what I put together today:

Floral shirts are my thing, when ever I'm out and about I find it so easy to layer on a floral shirt, some leggings or skinnies and pop a cardy and hat on the top. They are the ultimate level of comfort, but also fun and something a little bit interesting. I assure you the shirt in the above picture does cover my bum-bum. No tushy for the world thank goodness!

I absoloutely love the pattern on this shirt, on the hanger I was a little bit indifferent, but on, well it swoops in all the right places as you move. It makes me feel like falls here, like the leaves are turning and the nights are getting colder, and when it's paired up with some chunky knit, well winter might as well be here!

Apart from comfy outfits I'm a bit of a pamper fiend on a Sunday, today I've been drinking gallons of grumpy mule coffee and slathering myself in this beauty:

If you don't recognise this, it's Strawberry Feels by Lush. It's amazing, it's sweet and lovely and a please on my nose! Now I can spend the day with a sigh of relief, escaping the rat race and just sitting back and enjoying life for all its simple pleasures.

What makes your Sunday perfect?