Friday, September 05, 2014

My top 5 high end lipsticks - Chanel - YSL - Tom Ford

When it comes to lipstick I am like a girl possessed. I love lipstick. I love the way it changes a look completely, how it can refelct your mood and how it can make even the greyest of days that little bit brighter. So today I thought I would do my 'top five' high end lipsticks.


From left to right:
Chanel - Sentiment
YSL the mats - 205
YSL rouge volupte - 7
YSL the mats - 208 - Madly Fuchsia  (this one has just been released for their fall 2014 range!)
Tom Ford - Bruised Plum

The first thing I love about all of these lipsticks is the pigmentation. When you see that bright pink popping out of this picture, you see the same colour that will pop out on your lips. Three of my favourites have more matte textures with Chanel and YSL 7 being creamy delights.

So lets break this down a little bit and begin with packaging. Out of all of my favourites, the Tom Ford packaging has to be the best. When you close the lipstick it has an audiable pop and I quite like the security, knowing my bruised plum has been put to bed properly and isn't going to smear all over the inside of my handbag.
YSL has always had beautiful packaging, the volupte range has the most intricate logo and the mats range feel completely secure and cosy in their little jackets.
Chanel supposedly researched the perfect click that gives a woman the satisfaction of closing a lipstick and the noise that is most associated with it. I have to say that the Chanel is worst for wear and tear, mine was completely scuffed after only a day in use!

Now this is something I rarely see covered in run downs and reviews, but it's something I always want to know! How does the lipstick smell? Is it something that will make me feel sick? Does it smell like I have just perfumed my mouth!?
All the YSL lipsticks share the same smell, a beautiful floral scent that doesn't get in the way of your nostrils for too long, but lingers enough to know you put it on.
Chanel is rosey and floral, they supposedly spent an age finding the perfect scent, but then again Chanel spends an age doing anything.
Tom Ford smell like cocoa butter and chocolate, it's a little bit delicious!

Now for some swatches! The top is Sentiment, then 205, 7, 208 and Bruised Plum. The pigmentation of these lipsticks is perfect it's delightful to work will and goes on an absolute dream. All of them really are a delight!

I'd love to know what your favourites are!