Monday, September 29, 2014

Lush Dark Angels Scrub Review

Scrub a dub dub, I'm obsessed with scrubs. Now I have to put my hands up and admit I'm a girl that loves scrubs, I love the feeling of freshly buffed skin, a cleaned up T-zone and a glowing complexion, so I thought I'd do a quick review of my two favourite Lush scrubs (my current obsession).

First things first let's break out the bad boy, the mother of all scrubs, Dark Angels. This is the big brother to Angels on bare skin, actually it might be the overlord rather than the big brother. 

Here's how Lush themselves describe it:

This is for those of you who really like to scrub your skin to feel clean, with black sugar and charcoal to exfoliate, and rhassoul mud to deeply cleanse. We also use cold pressed avocado oil and vegetable glycerine to moisturise and soften your skin after all that scrubbing, leaving your skin feeling balanced and fresh. Sandalwood and rosewood oils give a rich, earthy fragrance and have a cooling and antiseptic effect on the skin. We buy our powdered charcoal locally in Dorset. It’s a great way to exfoliate and is deeply cleansing, whilst black sugar is in here to scrub away any dead skin cells, leaving you with bright, refreshed skin.

When you get your first pot of Dark Angels  it can be quite confusing to use, you get a pot full to the brim of this burnt looking mud, with very little instruction. All you need to do is take a pea sized piece in your palm, damped it with a little water and massage it into your skin.

Lets face it, this looks like mud.
Once you've finished massaging your face all you need to do is rinse it off. The huge downside to this is your sink is left coal rimmed and if you get it in your hair...well you might as well buy a wig.

So here's my personal list of pros and cons!

-Leaves your skin super soft and very well scrubbed.
-You must get a million uses per tub. Well at least 20.
-It's perfect for a girl (or guy!) who loves a good scrubbing.
-It takes away that greasy feeling!

-It can be very harsh.
-The smell isn't brilliant.
-You sink will turn black.
-Anything this sticks too will turn black.
-You may develop a scrubbing addiction.

So how does it work? Rhassoul mud is amazingly nourishing, black sugar and charcoal exfoliates to the core, charcoal also helps reduce the production of grease and levels the skin. Avocado butter strings the ingredients together and leaves you soft, as well as that hint of glycerine. The mix of essential oils are both stimulating and antiseptic, beautiful really.

So what's the price? £6.40 for a 100g tub!

Overal rating: 8/10 (I'd go for 9/10 but I've been in a scrubbing frenzy).

Stay tuned for part two!

What's your favourite scrub?


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