Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lush bathbombs!

I have to put my hands up and admit something. It's a deep, dark, horrendous secret, with a fruity sparkly twist. 

I spend way too much money in Lush.

So I thought I'd put a little review (part one I might add) of a couple of my favourite bathbombs! If you want to see them in action I'll attached a video to the bottom.

Granny Takes a Dip

This psychodelic little beauty fizzles along in the bathwater like a pooping jellyfish. It raises the spirits, the nostrils and the water. It's a really slow burner and lasts forever. If you split it up and pop it in you get a bath full of a million pooping jellyfish. Beauty.

Big Blue

If you're a mermaid wannabe, your legs longing to be fins, this is your bomb. It turns the water a lovely deep blue and fills the tub with a million pieces of seaweed. It smells soft and I find it quite invigorating, amazing after a long day!

Blackberry Bomb

BOOM (oh how cliche) this guy burns out so fast it's gone in a puff. It's a real mood lifter and can make even the grumpiest person turn their frown upside down. There's also a secret message inside (it's half bomb half fortune cookie!

Space Girl

This girl whizzes in the water like a... whizzing thing? A UFO? A very fast... popping candy filled... bathbomb. It smells sweet and doesn't turn the bathwater an imposing colour. This is high on my list of 'fun things you have to try at least once'. Plus it sparkles more than Edward bloody Cullen.

If you want to see these in action here's the video! I'd love to know which bomb is your favourite!


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