Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Going back to black (Schwarzkopf Color Mask Review)

If you didn't know, I'm a serial hair dyer. I've been white haired, grey haired, red haired, purple haired, every haired. I love it, it's a real fun and changeable thing and I really enjoy trying new dyes. The only problem I have is that i hate going to the hair dressers, I'm a naturally anxious person and that really brings the fear out in me, so about 7 years ago I turned to doing it on my own.

This weekend I'll find myself having my photos taken, so I thought I'd return to my natural dark hair, something that can last well in a photograph, so I picked up this:

So to give you a teeny bit more background, this was my hair before:

It's red, blonde and (unfortunately) rooty. 

I thought I would try out a new dye, so I opted for 'Dark Brown' in the Schwarzkopf Color Mask range. The mix is pretty simple, you pop the colour into a little pot of developer and shake 40 times (so specific I know, I just play the maracas with it for a bit). Although the final goo is a lot thicker than your standard box dye, it applies just the same. It coats the hair very well and smells a bit better than your normal dye too!

So what colour did I get after?

To me, this looks black. This isn't dark brown. This is 'I kissed the night' dark. Here's a little picture without flash (excuse the face I was playing around with the Tom Ford London Fashion Week makeup look)

Still looks pretty black.

So how would I rate this dye?

Price: £4 bargin
Ease of application: beginner level easy
Smell: not awful?
Colour: Welllll.... It covered everything evenly, even if it turned out dark.

Overall rating: 7/10 probably would re-purchase

I hope you enjoyed my little run down, I'd love to hear from you!