Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall/Winter fashion from Paris Fashion Week!


The Paris catwalks are always something of a dream, they're inspiring, beautiful and overly decedant.  they provide the perfect amount of wearability in what they show and the perfect amount of 'oooooh'. I'm going to warn you now, this is going to be some picture heavy inspiration for fall and winter fashion!

Givenchy has warmed up the catwalk, bold colours, bolder patterns and an overall 80s feel. Opaque tights peeping out of oversized cuts, skirts fitting in all the right right places and thick shoulder pads.

Alexander McQueen
Alexander McQueen comes along with a prarie girl feat goth look. Girly textured fabrics, oversized dresses, leather, bold, striking makeup and sleek hair. This is one catwalk that cetainly isn't ready to wear!

There are occasional moments where the cuts hark back to the sixties, but I still feel and empowering 80s vibe from the whole fall walk.

Fur is also back with a bang.

I think ultimately if you had to put a name to this whole walk it would be 'modern day princess' lost on the moors looking for her Heathcliffe.

Saint Laurent

YSL has always been a little love of mine. The whole catwalk is amazingly wearable, oversized tops and coats, flowing layers and fitted lowers. Everything has a tailored but feminine vibe, even the hair. There's a slight masculine look, but it's undoubtably a woman's world.

I'd love to hear what you think about fall fashion!


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