Friday, September 26, 2014

Fall/winter 2014 makeup!

I'm in love. In love with fall, in love with winter, in love with berry lipstick and bright pinks and COLOUR. So I thought I would write a little bit about my favourite looks this fall and winter and hope to give you a little bit of inspiration. 

Number one:

I love  a strong brow, a nearly naked eye and a dark lip. Something to frame the eyes, draw attention to the lips and make the skin glow. Berry lipsticks are my passion, brows are my second love. This winter it's all about rocking the dark and brooding look for me, pale, dark lips, light eyes and a flash of mascara.

Number two:

When it's not about being dark and broody it's about being light, delicate and reflecting on the power era that was the sixties. Bright pink lipstick, thick cat eyes and tailored brows. Flawless skin with a light dusting of setting powder. Big hair and bigger lashes.

What are your go to looks this fall and winter?


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