Saturday, August 30, 2014

Shopping at Lush and YSL with first opinions on Black Opium!

Today I went and did a little bit of shopping. I paid a visit to the ever lovely Lush and then went on to Yves St Laurent. I was really, really happy to be able to try out Black Opium before it gets released next week, from the moment I smelt it I loved it, I now need a huge bottle to bathe in.

Black Opium - YSL - Initial Review

Unfortunately I don't have any photographs of this beauty, I wish I had but I'm sure it won't be long before I own a bottle myself (It gets released UK wide on the 1st of September I believe), it was a gorgeous homage to the original Opium bottle with black sequins and almost a hip flask look.
Smell: Coffee, Vanilla & Orange Blossom. 
It's very sweet at the start, beautifully soft and not sickly in the slightest, it lingers for a long time after spraying, its lasting power is amazing.
RRP: 30ml £44 50ml: £62 90ml: £81
Overall opinion:
It's rich, it's young and if you love deep florals and something a little bit different (but not a shot in the dark) then it's well worth trying out!

Now on to the things I actually got to buy!

This is the YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats - Shade 208

It's the signature YSL Pink, bright, poppy, but not cheap looking in the slightest. 
The classic YSL scent, floral, rosey and nothing that is off-putting for a day of wear.
Pair it with neutral eyes, thick eyeliner or slick it on its own and you're good to go!
Awesome. The mats is sometimes a little bit too awesome, 205 has stained me many a time!

I never thought I would fall in love with a pink that's this bright, it really is beautiful and layers beautifully too, the swatch on the left is one coat, the swatch on right is coated up to its full matte glory!

Above is a lip picture in a couple of different lights. It's really very gorgeous!


First up is the Ocean Salt face and body cleanser. 

You can see just how big the granules in it, it boasts using lime and sea salt to exfoliate the skin. I can't say I'm ever going to use this on my face, girlies PLEASE DON'T USE CITRUS ON YOUR FACE! It can cause chemical burns, not cool. However for my dry body bits I'm going to use it like there's no tomorrow. The smell is light and pretty unisex, there's no sticky residue and I'm pretty excited!

Next up is Kalamazoo, the completely vegan beard cleansing wash! Now lets hold the horses a moment I don't have a beard but the lovely man in my life does. It's got pineapple in it, so boats an enzymatic level of cleansing, I'm going to try it out on my bare, beardless, face and see how it goes! I imagine the oil in it will also make it an excellent make-up remover too!

Finally I picked up Grease Lightning:

I've been suffering a myriad of breakouts recently and I'm hoping this becomes my saving grace. It's witch hazel, it's powerful and by god I hope I wake up re-skinned!

I'll follow up the lush products with a more in depth review after they've been used a bit, for now I'd love to know what you think!

Have a lovely day!