Thursday, August 21, 2014

DIY No Sew Bow Cushions (Vintage/Thrift Fun!)

Today I thought I would do something a little bit crafty again. I'm a huge lover of thrift, vintage, reusing bits and bobs and making something from things you have. So this is a 5 minutes, quick and easy, bow sweater (or jumper for us English) cushion.

These guys are so cute and a great addition to any room. You only need three things to make them, and they are:

An old cushion
An old jumper/sweater (or a new one! You can always take it off and use it for it's original jumpery purpose!)
You! (Oh yeahhhh)

Getting it down to a quick and easy movement takes a few tries, it can be a bit easier to watch, so here's the video:

Now for the pictures!

Step one: Take your cushion and stuff it up inside your jumper. If you have a collar or design you can choose to make this your front, I've gone for a plain from, hiding the collar and buttons.

Step two: Flip over your cushion so you can see your front.

Step thee: Take the left sleeve and cross it across the front of your cushion.

Step four: Take your right sleeve and cross it over your left!

Step five: Knot your two sleeves together.

Step six: Tuck the sleeve ends into the arm triangles this creates. It keeps everything together and neat.

Step seven: Flip yo' cushion over!

Step eight: Folding your sleeves into the bow on the front creates a 'pocket' taking the lower hem of the jumper, lift it up and tuck it tightly into the pocket, making sure it's secure.

Step nine: Fold over the top collar into the flap and make sure it's all tucked tightly.

Step ten: Flip your cushion back over, neaten it all up and hey presto, you're done! 

I hope you enjoyed this and I'd love to hear what you think!



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