Wednesday, December 17, 2014

15 pieces of advice that every twenty-something year old woman should read.

Never be afraid to be yourself.
We're not all cardboard cut outs of each other, in fact we're the most creative, delightful, passionate species on the planet. Fall in love with your passions and speak proudly about things you love. Never be afraid to be different or have your own opinions. That's what makes you you and what makes you special.

You don't have to follow all the trends.
Style is a personal reflection of yourself, every 20-something woman ends up falling into the cut out wardrobe at least once, but you really don't have to follow all the rules and the trends. Have fun, add things with meaning and don't worry about the latest fashions, your life is about you, not a mannequin in H&M.

Never stop learning.
This doesn't mean you have to go to school for the rest of your life, you can learn so much just from living. Don't close yourself off from the world and never think you're always right. Life is a beautiful tapestry of mistakes and lessons, take those lessons on board.

Never lie.
There really is no point in lying, did you really drink 17 Cosmopolitains and then meet your Prince Charming on the river Thames under the falling amidst the aftermath of your Christmas party? Life is perfectly ordinary most days, don't feel the need to paint it into something it's not, embrace the ordinary.

Don't be afraid if you don't know what you want to do.
I know people who are 16 that don't know what they want to do, I know people who are 50 that don't know what to do. Make your life full of experiences, no-one will remember you for that monotonous career you followed, they will remember you for your travels and tales.

Sleep on all your problems.
Sleep on everything, sleep on worries, stresses and heartbreaks. Sleep makes everything better. It's even better if you can find out your childhood teddy and give him a good squeeze, there's no shame in that.

Be carful of the people you surround yourself with.
It is not just you that makes you you. It's the people around you. Surround yourself with kind hearted people, people that mean well, that make you laugh and make you cry for the right reasons. There's no time to be wasted on fair weather friends or people that make you feel down right lousy.

Never be afraid to ask for help.
At no point in your life should you be afraid to ask for help. Help comes from everywhere, friends, family, co-workers, just remember to be there in their time of need too.

There is no problem that cannot be solved.
Seriously, my dad once told me if I pushed the big red button that destroyed the world we'd still be able to fix it. The older I get I realise the truth in this, no necessarily the big red button, but every problem that feels like you've destroyed the world can be sorted out. There is nothing too broken that it can't be fixed.

Your life is your own - follow your own path.
You never need to compare yourself to others, you need only reflect on yourself. Everyone is walking through life blindfolded, feeling out the paths and ideas and dreams they grew up with. Take a step of faith and follow your own principals, it's your story to write.

Listen to those who are the quietest.
They have their heads in thoughts, they watch the world from another perspective. People who think about their thoughts put time into their advice, they wait for the right moments and, in my lifetime, have given me some of the most profound advice.

Don't talk behind people's backs.
This is simple, talk about someone in the same way you would expect people to talk about you. There's never any need for nastiness, or malicious gossip. People make mistakes, mess up and sometimes they reflect themselves in a bad way. There's a good chance you've done this too at some point.

Be happy.
This is one of my most important points. Don't shroud your life in worry, don't think about the negative and dark moments. Take small things that happen that make you happy and reflect on them, life is full of so many beautiful moments that get lost and should be savoured.

Don't worry about your body.
It's yours, no-one elses. You have a strange scar? So what? It's yours, your moment, your life story. You've gained a few pounds? So? Enjoy every moment of your body, don't be afraid of it now, you'll really regret it when you're older. Tell yourself that you are beautiful.

Don't over plan.
Remember that we are all walking through life backwards, you can see everything you've done before but none of the steps that lie ahead. Leave some of the future a mystery and let it play before you and hold the excitement in your heart like the moment you turn a page in the best chapter of a book.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Top 5 Lush Products.

My top five Lush products at the moment is full of cult classics, all of them are saving me from the dreaded winter dryness and I really feel that each deserves its own special mention. I don't have a special order for them, so lets get to it!

-Shades Of Earl Grey-

This one is relatively new, it recently joined the Lush massage bar line up and smells divine. Not only that, it's amazingly hydrating, it leaves my winter skin soft and supple, it's light enough that it soaks in fact but leaves a lingering citrus and tea scent on your skin. What a little beauty!

-No Drought-

The first thing that ever drew me to this product was the name, the second thing was the blast of citrus scent that plumes out of the bottle. I'm a dark haired lady, so I was a little worried I would look slightly frosted when using this, but I can assure you it rubs in really well. The smell lasts all day and leaves your hair look fresh with a whole host of texture and glorious volume. I'll never go back to the dry shampoo cans now!

-Mask Of Magnaminty-

This is an utter cult classic and it's a classic for a reason. When you open your pot you get a whoosh of fresh mint, when you smother it on your skin you get a light tingle and a cooling, refreshing feel. It uses aduki beans to lightly exfoliate when you rinse it off and has helped my crazy breakouts on many an occasion. Plus it lasts forever so it has that going for it too!


If you love jasmine and love soft, supple hair then this is for you. It's really nourishing and get's into all the dry hairs leaving your mane soft and manageable. It also leaves your hair perfumed for as long as your have it in (so from wash to wash!). The upside to this is you only need to use a tiny little bit too, so this little pot will last me 'til it expires (and lets face it, probably beyond!).

-Ocean Salt-

Let me start off with something I hate; I hate scrubs that peel away at your skin leaving it aching for moisture. I hate scrubs that make you feel like your face is going to fall off. This skin scrub does neither. It's very gentle, the salt dissolves into water so it washes off easily and you don't find yourself hacking at your skin to get off lumps of scrub. It also smells beautiful (again citrusy, I'm on a bit of a citrus hit at the moment!).

What are your Lush favourites?


The Top 6 Raw Vegan Chocolate Bars.

-The Raw Chocolate Run Down-

Some of you may know that I work in health, but if you didn't, hey I work in health! So I thought I would put together a run down of the best raw chocolate bars on the market, some tasty healthier treats that make you mouth water overtime.

Number 1 - Pacari

Pacari has a whole range going, but I thought I would choose the chocolate covered banana bits as my top choice. They're tiny little balls of flavour, lightly chewy with an amazing banana taste, none of that foam banana falseness. 

They are also tiny, so it works brilliantly for taking a fast sweet tooth away and you don't feel oh-so-guilty after eating them.

Number 2 - Booja-Booja

Most people that follow a vegan or raw diet will have heard of Booja-Booja from their famous ice-cream alternative. If you didn't know they also make truffles, in an array of flavours. They're little delightful chocolate squares that melt in your mouth, eat little pack has two pieces, perfect for a post dinner treat and not enough to be sickly!

Number 3 - Mulu

Mulu is a fairly new bar to me, they do a great little range, from milk chocolate alternatives to chocolate buttons. They come as a nine squared slab in a delightful little box:

I find that Mulu melts in your mouth excellently, it feels like you're getting a chocolate cuddle from the inside out. Three squares is more than satisfying and I really can't wait to see where this company goes!

Number 4 - The Raw Chocolate Company

The Raw Chocolate Company do two things extremely well - chocolate covered berries and tiny bite-sized bars. The gojis berries are addictive, I can't have the big bag in the house because it'll soon be snarled and I'll be a sad bunny. The bars and small servings are perfect, they're gloriously rich and divine, if it's your first trip into raw chocolate, head to these guys.

Number 5 - Conscious

These are a mainstay in my kitchen cupboards, they melt beautfifully and hoard superfoods into their products. They can be a little bit out there with their use of algae and oddities, but every bar I've tried has been delightful. Well worth a look at just for something different.

Number 6 - The Raw Chocolate Pie Company

It's not pie - it's a chocolate bar. I assume you. This festive addition is laced with brandy, it's intensely flavoured and a little goes a long way. They are fridge friendly delights and revel in layers of flavours.  The side of the wrapper says 'food of the gods' and they're probably right in this one.

I hope you've enjoyed my little run down, I'd love to know what snacks you're loving at the moment!


Monday, December 08, 2014

The truth about a girl called Zoella.

When you start making a presence online, be it from a blog, youtube, Instagram or twitter, you share your soul to the world. The problem that comes with doing this is that you can never reveal 100% of yourself. We are a generation of people built to question everything we see, we're used to being advertised too, we're used to seeing people's ideas and opinions plastering the walls of the internet and we're also used too picking a side. 

Which is awful.

Recently it came to light that Zoella aka 'Zoe Sugg' had her first novel written by a ghost writer and people are now sitting in two camps. Camp one is 'the deceived' those who feel lied to and look at the evidence with shock and hate. Camp two is 'the diehards' they will support through the good and the bad, the bubbles and the storm clouds. But why has this so flagrantly split people, why has the blogging world come to a finite crossroads? 

Arguably some people revel in demise, they want to see the end to something so great (and by great I mean large, I want to stay impartial in this whole post), some people want to be seen as the knights in shining armour, holding the back of the person thrust into the limelight. When we look at all the facts, everything that has gone on, how the media has grabbed hold of the non-story that is ghost writing, it makes me wonder;  when did it become socially acceptable to single out a 24 year old woman and obliterate all of her work?

Zoella did work on the novel, if she wrote every word then good on her, if she hired a ghost writer then oh well, at least it's encouraging a new generation of fiction readers, it may even encourage the younger generations to put pen to paper and write themselves. When you really look at it all it becomes such a non-story that it becomes boring, to me over these past few days it has turning from 'girl hires ghostwriter to get her ideas out there' to 'look how the national media can bully a 24 year old woman into submission'.

Where does this story end? Who really knows, the media world loves to batter down success and it burns that as a community we can't support each others moves in the play. There are no real answers as to why the blogging community has split so vastly over the news, it's just unfortunate that we can't all move forward together and see the bigger picture; don't believe everything you see, in every way. 

Everything we do and say is like holding a mirror up to ourselves, words of kindness are true beauty.


Monday, December 01, 2014

Top Five Matte Lip Products.

2014 seems to have been the year for matte lip products, from losses (glicks? That wonderful combination between a lipgloss and a lipstick), to pencils and good old fashion lipsticks, a whole host of matte lip products have appeared on the shelves. First let me say, these photos show my loved and dinted products, how else can a girl review something if she doesn't wear it?! So lets jump straight in:

Rimmel Apocalips - 206 Atomic Rose Matte Edition

This fits into that strange category, is it a lipgloss? Is it a lipstick? We'll never really know. The colour is a beautifully toned nude, the applicator a soft doe foot and the packaging as sturdy as the whole Apocalypse range. One of my major draws to his product is it's ability to layer up beautifully, one swipe and you get a soft matte lip, two and a it's a bold bold and three leaves you perfectly finished. I must add the other colours in this range are fantastic too!

Maybelline Color Drama - 310 Berry Much

At first glance this looks like a cheeky lip liner that I've slipped in the bunch, but I assure you it's much more than that. It could easily work under numerous other lip products but on its own it stands as a bold, dark deeply toned lip product. The pencil format isn't drying, it isn't cakey and does't sit heavily on your lips, instead it lends itself to precision application. You can easily work it around your cupids bow and into the tiny corners of your mouth and I imagine it would even be easy to apply in a dimly lit bathroom after a couple of tipples.

Rimmel Kate - 107 Wine

I am no new fried to Kate Moss's lipsticks for Rimmel, but I am new to her matte ranges. This was a relatively new purchase and I must say I'm in love. The last is fantastic and the finish it perfect, it sits well as a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's Red Carpet Red and is amazingly pigmented. The smell is soft, although I must admit I miss the original Kate scent, it doesn't over power you when you're wearing it, just slightly lingering. 

Charlotte Tilbury Red Carpet Red

This is now my tried and tested go to red. It's deep and infatuating, it isn't chalky and harshly textured. The nib is a little bit different with its geometrical shape, but hey it's always nice to try out something new. If the product wasn't enough it's beautifully clad in a rose gold art deco style tube and though my time owning it, it has never lost its lid in my bag. As for layering and waerability it's pretty much perfectly designed, there's only one matte lipstick that can beat this one in my books and that's coming up next.

YSL - 205 

This picture reveals how much I use this lipstick. It's my go to when I want to feel glamorous, or when I want to detract attention from a flaw. It's loved and worn so much that I haven't got a bad word to say about it, a little bit of me wishes there was something to dislike, so that if it ever gets discontinued I can moan and shake my fists at an imaginary problem and move on to another product.  My parting words for this one is - try it. You'll never look back.

What's your favourite lip product of 2014?


Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas in London.

I've lived in London for six years now, that means I've had six Christmas seasons in the capital city. This weekend I spent my time pottering about London enjoying the festivities, seeing the southbank market and popping up to Regents street and into Selfridges. I decided to stay a lot more laid back, think less about shopping and presents and take more time to just enjoy the atmosphere; this has to be the most magical Christmas weekend I've ever had.

Southbank Carousel

The first place I visited was the Southbank Christmas market, between the old fashioned carousel and the chestnut roasting venders lay dozens of tiny stalls, holding beautiful unique goods and warming the crowds around:

It was a beautiful sight to see, people admiring all of the unique handy work, colours and flickering lights festooning the bank, outside of the stalls rows and rows of fairy lights flickered from the trees, glimmering in place of the stars.

After the long walk was done, the Christmas tree maze passed by, candy floss consumed by the bag and the carousel music fading into the distance there was one last chance to glimpse the ever famous city site falling into the dark night sky.

Westminster Skyline

London really is a magical place at this time of year, if you get the chance you truly need to visit.


Sunday, November 02, 2014

Christmas Giveaway | Naked 2 & Naked 3 Palette, Lush & Real Techniques

'Tis the season to be jolly! Well near enough for me... so I'm running a giveaway over on my youtube channel! Clickity clack that video if you want more information :D

or go to:


Saturday, November 01, 2014

NEW Lush Massage Bars Review | Shades of Earl Grey, Yes Yes Yes, Pearl, Dirty & Per Cup

Lush had a cheeky new release today, in the shape of FIVE new massage bars. So since I was in the area I popped into a store and picked some up for myself.

It's actually the perfect time of the year to be releasing new massage bars, after the madness that comes with the Christmas and Halloween releases this was a welcome change! So let's get straight into it:


Per Cup is a heavenly coffee sceneted massage bar, it's packed full of full beans and smells divine. This has imidiately become my favourite of the lot, I'm a huge coffee lover and this smells like freshly brewed coffee with a sweet soft twang on the end. This one is also packed full of jojoba oil, so it'll be perfect for those dry winter days!


Shades of Earl Grey is a zesty lime fragranced bar, with a twist of tea thrown into the mix. It feels like a cousin to From Dusk 'Til Dawn, a fresh twist on the standard bars and a lovely change from all the floral scents that get thrown about. It also has a cheeky name, so its got that going for it to!


Pearl is bubbly and light, rose scented and packed full of pink sago bubbles. The bubbles are meant to boost circulation and really work to get rid of knots and tightness. It smells light and pretty, soft and feminine. This one is also packed with argan oil, so it's super duper hydrating!


Dirty is fresh and fun. It's full of spearmint and chocolate (two of my favourite things), the little lush logo is made of chocolate and it's going to be interesting to see how that applies to the skin! The smell is really fresh with this one, so minty and fun it'll be great as a morning pick me up!


There's one word that you think when you first smell yes yes yes and that's jasmine. It's so, so fragranced that it would probably last through a rain storm! In fact it's so fragranced that I would probably use this as a solid perfume rather than a massage bar, or at least in place of my regular perfume!

So that's all of them! Which is your favourite?


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Beauty on a budget | Skincare part one

It can be quite hard to find skincare items that leave you glowing but don't break your bank account, so I thought I would put together a little series that goes through some of the amazing skincare products, old and new, that are really quite affordable.

The first one I have for you is tried and tested, it's a cleaner, moisturiser and a makeup remover. What is that miracle? I hear you ask, well that miracle is Pond's Cold Cream.

Pond's has been around since 1840, that's nearly 200 years of women using it and going back for pot after pot. It's used by celebrities, endorsed by generations and seems to have gone a little over looked in recent years!

But first things first, lets talk price. This little beauty cost me a whopping £1.99. I couldn't even buy a ticket on the bus for that price! It comes in a beautiful glass pot (Glass!? For £1.99!?) and smells of flowers. I'm not sure which flowers, but hey, flowers is a lot better than many other smells.

It looks like a standard cream, is of a medium thickness and is perfect for ANY skin type. How do you use it? Well all you have to do is massage it onto your skin and remove the excess with a clean cotton pad. It'll leave you glorious and glowing, perfect for the silly winter months!

Here's a fun little advert from the 1930's, we all still worry about the same things today, nothing changes in 100 years!

So if you're after a budget beauty item go out and try this gorgeous cream!


Saturday, October 25, 2014

Holly Go Lightly Review | Lush Christmas 2014

The first thing you notice when you pick up a bar of Holly Go Lightly is the amount of lustre this little bubble bar has packed onto the outside. If you choose to put it back down and not into your basket then you'll still take a little piece of it home with you in the shape of your sparkly silver finger tips. Holly Go Lightly is a new release for Christmas 2014 and I sure hope it stays around for a few more annual releases.

It's not quite as cute as the Christmas Penguin, the shape is more simple, a splodgy pudding with a bright holly leaf draped over the top and a few bright red berries nestled on top. On first smell it fills you up with Christmas joy, the smells of Christmas passed and a real warmth and joy. In fact it shares its smell with Hot Toddy, so pairing those together is a real dream.

When you break your bar in two (trust me, you only need half at a time!) There is a single silver streak running through the core, a tiny hidden slither of silver lustre, which I imagine is what leaves your bath water looking like this:

From the first glance it looks like a sparkly deep green night sky with puffy bubble clouds circling. The bar bubbles up amazingly well, isn't drying on the skin and smells divine.

Lush describes it as:

Come on in out of the cold and wrap yourself up in this comforting Christmas blanket of a bubble bar. Break the generously-sized pudding into two and crumble under running water. Its festive spice fragrance is like bathing in a hot toddy, perfect for getting you in the Christmas spirit.

I would rate this so highly on my Christmas list as it just ticks all the boxes, it's calming, soothing, warming and merry. It's spiced rum and it's a warm hug. 10/10.

Oh and if you're in a very festive mood, try this little combo:

What's your favourite Christmas release this year?


(Here's a last 'night sky' picture ;) )